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The University of Montana Benefits & Compensation calculator is intended to provide you with an estimate only of the value of the total benefits package for the position you have applied. The figures displayed are valid during the current Fiscal Year.

To calculate estimated benefits please follow these steps:

  1. Select employee category.
  2. Enter either the hourly wage OR salary of the position.
  3. Click calculate.

Please select the employee category for the position you have applied.

Please enter the anticipated hourly wage OR salary for the position.

The following figures are based upon the wage and employment category you have entered. Allocations of sick leave (12 days per year) and annual leave, if applicable, (15 days per year) increase with length of employment. These, and each year's paid holidays (9.5 days, faculty or 10.5 days professional and classified), are covered in the advertised base salary. Calculations below show the worth of paid leave, the minimum value of additional employer-paid benefit contributions, and the compensation package total.

PAID LEAVE VALUE (included in base salary):



* NOTE: Employer annual contributions vary from plan to plan. The figures offered here are the minimum contributions you can expect for the job details you have entered. All calculations are based on full time employment.